Jennine Hawkins a woman of many talents, writer lyricist, entrepreneur and radio host.

Jennine from a young age always enjoyed music, singing, arts and crafts and just creating. “I used to take modeling, acting and commercial classes it felt amazing to share in the same dream with others”.

Leaving Chicago for California from 2010 to 2013 Jennine grew as a person, artist and business woman. Being given the opportunity to work with industry personalities assisting in administrative, production and event planning.  Also, while in California she was able to write and record a couple of tracks with independent California Artist.

In her down-time she enjoys cooking and trying different dishes online and on the food channel.  When everything is going fast her go to is music. “I plug-in and perform for me”

Upon moving back to Chicago fall 2013 working in security and home care not being able to let go of the passion for working in entertainment Jennine enrolled at Illinois media school. Now having her radio show N’Spire Live on windy city underground.com she has a platform to grow her craft and she is ready to explore more than she imagined.

She has not only opened her eyes to radio and television she has also opened up the hearts of others around her.

“Love lots hug more” ~ N’Spire